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Living Undocumented

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 Immigration will be a much-debated topic during this year’s national and state elections. We’ll talk this hour about what it means to be undocumented with immigration rights activist Aviva Chomsky. Her new book is Undocumented: How Immigration Became Illegal (Beacon Press).

  • MorganHamilton

    If thinks are so unsatisfactory both here in the US & in their home countries why don’t they band together & try to change their home countries?

  • James Alias

    Let’s be truthful about the whole immigration mess. To start with I am for more immigration and open borders (in theory) however we can’t do any of these currently until we fix some problems first. We need to ensure worker protection for labor here in the United States. It long has been an industry practice to hire illegals not because as this person states because the job can’t be filled domestically, but because employers want to exploit workers, drive down wages, destroy unions and profit for themselves.

    We need to fix out welfare policies, free school lunches, medicaid, housing and host of other welfare benefits. You may say illegals are bared from these services, but in reality they all know they way around, such as children born here to an illegal is entitled to welfare.

    We need to fix the corrupt governments in Mexico and elsewhere that encourage the exportation of their problems, like lack of birth control use by Catholics, poor land uses, and no safety for their citizens as just some examples

    We need to fix our immigration policy so it is equal worldwide, we should give everyone an equal opportunity based upon their benefit to the United States. That is someone with a skill from the Congo would have an equal change of someone with a skill from Mexico to come here, However, a skilled worker would always have a better chance than an unskilled person; Sorry I don’t want you if you can’t contribute to support yourself and have no skills.

    We need to end our war on drugs that have helped corrupt Central and South America which also fuels illegal gangs and immigration we don’t want or need.

  • E. Hedemann

    I definitely didn’t like this conversation, many of her comments were personal opinions, I dont think she did her homework…I hope this afternoon conversation is with a person more informed. Not going to buy this book.

  • charles

    Come in the front door, don’t sneak in the back door. Anything worth having is also worth protecting and many Americans see too many illegal aliens as threatening everything we cherish……..

  • Joe

    I know I am late, just listened to the podcast, really enjoyed this discussion. Wish she could have further elaborated on the fact that there are no legal venues for Mexicans to immigrate. As always great job Kris Boyd.