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Jack Shuler explains the history of the noose.


The History Of Hanging

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The noose holds a powerful place in American history, from its role in lynchings to its use as a threatening symbol. This hour, we’ll talk about the knot’s complicated place in our culture with Jack Shuler, the John and Christine Warner assistant professor of English at Denison University. His new book is The Thirteenth Turn: A History of the Noose.

  • Skeptic50

    Downloaded and listened to the podcast because I am usually not able to listen to the live broadcast these days (sigh!). Fas-ci-na-ting subject! Before the podcast was over I stopped it and ordered the book from Amazon. When the book arrived on September 3 (weekend and Labor Day interfered with my Prime subscription) I read the Preface, Chapter 1 and Chapter 11 and said to myself: “Oh, my, this is a very good book. This is a a great book! This is a keeper! This is a re-readable book!! Cowabunga-dude, I did NOT waste my money on this book!!!” I have rearranged my non-fiction ‘to read’ book stack and placed this book on the top to read next after I finish my current non-fiction read. ( I always have a non-fiction read, a fiction read, and the current Harper’s magazine at hand. How can you be a true Think listener and not have at least these three reads going on at once? Thank goodness Krys does not have as many Mother Jones authors on as she does Harper’s Magazine authors. She (mainly) and Terry Gross (minoraly) have me so backed up on my read lists it been making me miserable for years. But I suffer gladly for the knowledge and entertainment I receive. Skeptic50