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Against Football


A Falling Out With Football

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The National Football League kicks off its season this week. But as the sport’s reputation as a dangerous game grows, some fans are turning away from the Sunday ritual they once loved. We’ll talk this hour to Steve Almond about leaving the game behind, which he writes about in Against Football: One Fan’s Reluctant Manifesto.

  • TB

    OMG! This is the discussion I have been waiting for! When I heard this author speak I almost cried. I am an African-American mother and for years I have abhorred professional sports, especially the NFL, NBA and Track & Field, simply because of the exploitative nature. However, I’ve never been able to articulate my revulsion of these organizations to caucasians and males (all races) who love the sport, in a way that they would accept and understand.
    Thanks to this author, I’m now just going to start giving the book as gifts to every African-American (male/female/parent/kid) I know! Thanks Kris Boyd for bringing this to us!