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CEO: Episode Archives

  • 110

    Robert Bagwell, Urban Partners

    Urban development is the main topic of discussion with Robert Bagwell, whose company developed the chic West Village neighborhood in Uptown that features retail and residential properties.

  • 30

    Jeff Fegan, DFW Airport

    CEO Jeff Fegan talks with Lee Cullum about new airline services and terminal renovations ready to take off at DFW.

  • 52

    Susan Spradley, Nokia Siemens Networks

    Susan Spradley, Head of North American Region, explains her unique approach to managing one of the largest telecommunications equipment and service companies in the world.

  • 25

    Carol Reed, The Reeds

    Carol Reed tells what it takes to mount a winning campaign for precarious elections like the Trinity River corridor or a costly new arena.

  • 40

    Paul Raines, GameStop

    How the largest video game store in the world plans to battle rivals in the digital world.

  • 54

    T. Boone Pickens, BP Capital

    Legendary oil man Boone Pickens joins host Lee Cullum for a revealing conversation spanning a colorful 60-year career.

  • 105

    Bob Best, Atmos Energy

    Best covers topics ranging from the Barnett Shale and mounting public concern over drilling safety to the distribution of natural gas and the growing need for energy in Texas and the nation.

  • 139

    Peter Beck, The Beck Group

    Host Lee Cullum examines the economic fallout on the construction industry with Managing Director and CEO Peter Beck with The Beck Group.

  • 52

    Darren Woods, Fort Worth Opera

    Find out how the Fort Worth Opera has become one of the country’s premier opera festivals even as other opera companies fall on hard times.