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CEO with Lee Cullum
CEO features chief executives from the corporate and not-for-profit sectors. The show explores what it takes to make a company successful in today's global marketplace, asking questions about leadership style and ethics.
KERA Television: First Friday of the month at 7:30pm (beginning September 7), Sunday following TV broadcast at Noon and Monday following TV broadcast at 10:30pm
KERA Radio: Sunday following TV broadcast at 5pm
John Mackey, Whole Foods Market  March 27, 2013

On the April episode of KERA’s CEO, Whole Foods Market’s John Mackey talks about early challenges the company faced reaching a skeptical public, along with the company’s future and his call for a new age of corporate leadership.

Bruce Sammis, Lockton Dunning Benefits  February 21, 2013

Bruce Sammis, CEO of Lockton Dunning Benefits, talks about sweeping changes facing employers brought on by health care reform. Sammis details factors he sees as key to containing soaring medical costs. Learn how a trend toward paying providers for healthy patient outcomes may revolutionize the industry.

Steve Ivy, Heritage Auctions  January 28, 2013

Heritage Auctions CEO Steve Ivy talks with host Lee Cullum about the business of buying and selling collectibles. Ivy shares how his passion for collecting coins as a boy led to heading the third-largest auction house in the world.

Maxwell L. Anderson, Dallas Museum of Art  January 4, 2013

Maxwell L. Anderson recaps his first year as Director of the Dallas Museum of Art, and looks ahead to the launch of free admission and free membership coming to the DMA.

Gerald J. Ford, Diamond A-Ford  December 7, 2012

The chairman and CEO details his recapitalization strategy for troubled banks, and the important lessons the industry learned from the recent banking crisis.

Satish Gupta, SB International  November 2, 2012

The global steel company’s founder and CEO discusses the growing demand for SB products in the oil and gas industry.

Roland Dickey, Jr., Dickey’s Barbecue  September 21, 2012

Roland Dickey, Jr. traces the history of Dickey’s Barbecue, a Dallas favorite since 1941.

James R. Lites, Dallas Stars  August 22, 2012

Dallas Stars President and CEO James Lites discusses his return to the team now under new ownership.

Pam Patsley, MoneyGram  July 12, 2012

Pam Patsley, CEO of MoneyGram, discusses the challenges she faced joining the company shortly after their stock price fell 96%. Learn how the second largest money transfer business in the world plans on gaining more of the $500 billion market.

The Halls  June 29, 2012

Craig and Kathryn Hall discuss their varied business ventures, from crafting award-winning wines in Napa Valley to building a vast office park in Frisco.

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