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KERA 50th Anniversary Event

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KERA’s 50th Anniversary event was a tremendous success – thanks to all the sponsors for making it possible!

Event Photos (click to enlarge):

Photos by Dana Driensky and John Strange

Wyly Theatre

Wyly Theatre

KERA’s 50th anniversary year includes a unique, multimedia fundraising event on the evening of Tuesday, November 29, 2011, at the Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre in the Dallas Arts District. All proceeds will benefit KERA’s programs and services.

In honor of early KERA visionaries Robert A. (Bob) Wilson, one of the station’s first chief executive officers, and the late Ralph B. Rogers, an early KERA champion and the very first chairman of the PBS Board of Governors, the event will reflect on the station’s milestones over the past five decades and examine the critical role KERA will play in the future.

Archival film footage, radio recordings and the participation of notable public broadcasting personalities including Cokie Roberts and Jim Lehrer will bring the evening to life in a way that promises to educate, entertain and inspire you.


Ralph B. Rogers
Ralph B. Rogers
Robert A. Wilson
Robert A. Wilson


Jim Lehrer
Jim Lehrer
Cokie Roberts
Cokie Roberts

Honorary Event Chair

Ruth Altshuler

Event Chair

Melissa Fetter


Host Committee

Mary Anne and David Alhadeff
Louise and Gordon Appleman
Cecilia and Garrett Boone
Diane and Hal Brierley
Kay and Elliot Cattarulla
Linda and Harlan Cohen
Lee Cullum
Arlene and John Dayton
Catie and Aaron Enrico
Melissa and Trevor Fetter
Ola and Randall Fojtasek
Carol and Don Glendenning
Tina and Ted Gorski
Sheila and Jody Grant
Nancy and Jeremy Halbreich
Roger Horchow
Naomi and Larry Lebowitz
Janie and Cappy McGarr
Tricia and Bill Miller
Camille Milner and Tim Crouch
Clay Mulford
Alice and Erle Nye
Ellen and Dick Rogers
Barbara and Randall Rosenblatt
Lizzie and Dan Routman
Alann Bedford Sampson
Bob Ray Sanders
Barbara and Myron H. Watkins
Donna Wilhelm and John Gunn

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