Dallas Zoo Grieving After Famous Giraffe Calf Dies In Accident

Dallas Zoo staffers and fans are mourning, after a 3-month-old giraffe died in a freak accident.The giraffe, named Kipenzi, was frolicking around her habitat Tuesday when she turned the wrong way and ran into a wall. She broke her neck and died almost instantly.

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The Return Of Harper Lee

How does Go Set a Watchman have us reconsidering Atticus Finch and the rest of the Mockingbird universe? We'll discuss with Thomas DiPiero, dean of the Dedman College of Humanities at SMU.

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Almost time to get your ‘Doctor Who’ on….

It’s almost time to put on your bow tie, pick up your sonic screwdriver, put a sprig of celery in your lapel, take K-9 out, grab some jelly babies and board your own personal TARDIS. Doctor Who 9 is nigh upon us. For those that just can’t wait until the series 9 premiere on 19 September, BBC Worldwide North America […]

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