'Parkmageddon' Awaits Doubleheader Sports Fans In Arlington

Oct. 23, 2011. That’s the last time Arlington felt the surge of two sold-out stadiums on the same day.Nearly 150,000 fans will come to town Sunday. And with no public transit, Rangers Vice President of Ballpark Operations Sean Decker has a challenge.

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Our Friend, The Fridge

We’ll talk about how refrigeration has changed the way we eat and improved our overall health - and about what our fridges say about ourselves - with Jonathan Rees.

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Peter Capaldi is now, officially, the coolest Doctor ever

If, by chance, you happened to have hung out in Glasgow in the early 80’s, you may remember a punk band that went by the name of The Bastards from Hell and then, later, the Dreamboys. What you might not remember is that two members of the group who would go on to be pretty […]

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