One Crisis Away At The Holidays: Retail Spending Through The Decades

The pressure to shell out for holiday gifts, decorations, food, travel – it can push families to spend money they just don’t have. KERA is starting new chapter in our on-going look at life on the financial edge: One Crisis Away At The Holidays.To kick things off we trace the modern-day history of retail spending and debt; from department store charge accounts, to wallets packed with plastic.

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Review: Kitchen Dog’s ‘The Totalitarians’

It's a political satire that lets Tina Parker play a former roller derby queen running for lieutenant governor. The politics get muddled, but no matter. Parker's got the craziness covered.

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Tropical Disease In North Texas

This hour, we’ll talk about why Chagas, Dengue and other conditions are making their way to local doctors’ offices – and about what you can do to avoid them – with Dr. Seema Yasmin.

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1979 – The year ‘Fawlty Towers’ crossed paths with ‘Not the Nine O’Clock News’

Not the Nine O’Clock News, the late 70s/early 80s television sketch comedy series designed as a comedic alternative to the Nine O’Clock News on BBC1, featured satirical sketches on current news stories and popular culture. Produced by John Lloyd (best known for his work on such comedy television programs as Spitting Image, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Blackadder and QI, Not the […]

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