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May 20, 2011

KERA Live Production Rundown – Think/Anything – Week of 4/21/14

Monday, 4/21– Think

Hour 1:         April is National Autism Awareness month. We’ll talk this hour about advancements being made to counteract the disorder with University of Texas at Dallas lecturer Cathy Boatman and associate professor Pamela Rollins.

Hour 2:       Each year, hundreds of rhinos are killed by poachers for their horns. We’ll talk this hour about the plight of the rhino – and what’s being done to help them – with Dr. William Fowlds, one of the world’s leading rhinoceros conservationists. Dr. Fowlds is in town to receive TCU’s Global Innovator award.

Tuesday, 4/22 – Think

Hour 1:         Fracking has become a major source of energy both globally and here in North Texas. But the process is not without its risks. We’ll talk this hour about the practice with Wall Street Journal reporter Russell Gold. His new book is The Boom: How Fracking Ignited the American Energy Revolution and Changed the World (Simon & Schuster).

Hour 2:       The Internet has been romanticized as a place where anyone can have a voice. But the reality is that a handful of technology giants often make the Web a less democratic place. We’ll talk this hour about how the online world can become more diverse with Astra Taylor, author of The People’s Platform: Taking Back Power and Culture in the Digital Age (Metropolitan Books).

Wednesday, 4/23 – Think

Hour 1:         Our pets are the most valued animals on Earth. And they’ve come a long way from wild creatures to being part of human families. We’ll trace the evolution of our relationships with our pets this hour with Science deputy editor David Grimm. His new book is Citizen Canine: Our Evolving Relationship with Cats and Dogs (PublicAffairs).

Hour 2:       We spend an endless amount of time and money to maintain our homes. Yet as far as housing is concerned, most of us think bigger is better. This hour we’ll learn about the joys of living in a small (84-square feet!) house with Dee Williams. Her new book is The Big Tiny: A Built-It-Myself Memoir (Blue Rider Press).

Thursday, 4/24– Think

Hour 1:         More than 54,000 survivors of torture call Texas home. They come from Nepal, Myanmar, Iraq and other places around the world. We’ll talk this hour about how they are cared for locally with Celia VanDeGraff, executive director of the Center for Survivors of Torture.

Hour 2:       S.E. Hinton became a literary star while still a teenager when her novel The Outsiders was published in 1967. It’s remained a popular title over the years and has been chosen as the focus of the 2014 Big D Reads program. This hour, Hinton joins us to talk about the origins of the book and the role it’s played in her life.

Friday, 4/25 – Anything You Ever Wanted to Know

Noon:             Anything You Ever Wanted to Know is the forum for your questions and answers. If you’ve been wondering about something give us a call during the show or drop us an email and we’ll see what the audience has to say about it.

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