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KERA Live Production Rundown – Think/Anything – Week of 5/25/15

Monday, 5/25 – Think

Hour 1:       The Best Of Think – Elaine Lowry Brye knows what it means to sacrifice for your country. After growing up in a military family, she married a service member, with whom she produced four future officers – one each in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. This hour, we’ll listen back to her April conversation with Krys Boyd about the new book Be Safe, Love Mom: A Military Mom’s Stories of Courage, Comfort, and Surviving Life on the Home Front (PublicAffairs).

Hour 2:       All wars are the same, it is said; only the scenery changes. And the repercussions are pretty much the same too. Over the course of five years, Adam Piore gathered the stories of the surviving members of Delta Company, a Vietnam-era paratrooper unit and producer Jay Allison helped him turn the work into this special Memorial Day holiday broadcast – We’ve Never Been The Same: A War Story.


Tuesday, 5/26 – Think

Hour 1:       The death penalty has always been controversial, but with recent shortages of lethal injection drugs and a number of questionable occurrences in U.S. death chambers, the debate is heating up. We’ll examine one of those incidents this hour with Jeffrey Stern, contributor to The Atlantic. His current piece is “The Cruel and Unusual Execution of Clayton Lockett.”

Hour 2:       Spelling, punctuation, commas and danglers might be the bane of writers everywhere. But worry not. This hour we’ll talk with Mary Norris, who spent over three decades in The New Yorker’s copy department. Her new book is Between You & Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen (W.W. Norton).


Wednesday, 5/27 – Think

Hour 1:       Politics is a tough business and the President has never been immune to criticism. But even some of his supporters have taken issue with the results of his 6 years in office. We’ll spend this hour with David Bromwich, Yale University Sterling Professor of English. His essay in the June issue of Harper’s Magazine is “What Went Wrong: Assessing Obama’s Legacy.”

Hour 2:       As acceptance and equality increases for a growing number of gender and identity-diverse Americans, our society and perceptions are changing as well. J. Bryan Lowder, Slate associate editor and blogger, examines the differences between what was seen as “gay culture” in the past and that of today in his latest piece “What Was Gay?” We’ll talk with him this hour.


Thursday, 5/28 – Think

Hour 1:       Good teachers develop their skills over time and the best teaching instructors just might be teachers themselves. That’s the idea behind The Little Orange Book: Short Lessons in Excellent Teaching (University of Texas Press). We’ll talk this hour with two of the book’s contributors – Brent Iverson of UT Austin and John Sibert of UT Dallas.

Hour 2:       Few architects can lay claim to the kind of career Frank Welch has had – from opening his first office in 1959 to a prolific list of clients and projects that continues to grow even today. We’ll talk this hour with Welch, who writes about his childhood, his education at Texas A&M in the 1950s and his first few years as a professional in the new memoir On Becoming An Architect (Texas Christian University Press).


Friday, 5/29 – Anything You Ever Wanted to Know

Noon:         Anything You Ever Wanted to Know is the forum for your questions and answers. If you’ve been wondering about something give us a call during the show, drop us an email or send a tweet and we’ll see what the audience has to say about it.

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