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KERA Live Production Rundown – Think/Anything – Week of 10/24/16


Monday, 10/24 – Think

Hour 1:       With each passing day it seems a new poll is released letting us know who’s up or down in the presidential race. This hour, we’ll talk about how polling data is collected – and about how we should interpret the results – with UT-Dallas political science professor and polling expert Harold Clarke.

Hour 2:       In March the Obama administration authorized Americans to once again travel to Cuba. This hour, we’ll talk about what it’s like to visit the country today – and about if Cuba is ready for the influx of tourists – with Cathy Gorney. Her story “Here Comes a Wave of Change for Cuba” appears in the November issue of National Geographic magazine.

Tuesday, 10/25 – Think

Hour 1:       This month, Tesla announced that its electric cars will be the first in the nation to be outfitted with the hardware needed to control themselves. This hour, we’ll talk about the technological advancements that have us on the brink of self-driving cars, and we’ll discuss the many logistical questions inherent with autonomous driving. We’ll be joined by Nick Gans, who researches self-driving cars at UT-Dallas.

Hour 2:       By 2050, 80 percent of the world’s population will live in cities. That means these urban centers will carry the burden of climate change, income inequality and other side effects of a growing population. This hour, we’ll talk about how cities can answer these challenges with Jonathan Rose, author of “The Well-Tempered City: What Modern Science, Ancient Civilizations, and Human Nature Teach Us About the Future of Urban Life” (Harper Wave). He’s in town for an event tonight at the Dallas Institute for Humanities and Culture, and he’s the keynote speaker at the Urban Land Institute national convention at the Hutchison Convention Center.

Wednesday, 10/26 – Think

Hour 1:       In the last year, populist movements have pushed unlikely candidates Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump to the forefront of American politics and forced the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union. This hour, we’ll talk about how populists movements form and gain momentum with John B. Judis, author of “The Populist Explosion: How the Great Recession Transformed American and European Politics” (Columbia Global Reports).

Hour 2:       The two-week fight at the Chosin Reservoir was one of the decisive battles of the Korean War – and one of the seminal moments in the history of the Marine Corps. This hour, we’ll talk about how the battle helped set the course for American foreign policy with historian Hampton Sides. He contributed to the American Experience documentary “The Battle of Chosin,” which airs Nov. 1 on KERA-TV.

Thursday, 10/27 – Think

Hour 1:       Actress Mariel Hemingway has become an advocate for mental health and addiction services after surviving a childhood surrounded by people who needed help. This hour, we’ll talk with her about overcoming “The Hemingway Curse,” and we’ll learn more about how people with alcoholism, depression and other conditions are treated with Dr. Harold Urschel, chief medical strategist for Enterhealth.

Hour 2:      Humans are continuously evolving, just as our earliest ancestors did. The difference is, through medical advancements we’re also contributing artificially to our natural progress. This hour, we’ll talk about why this combination makes the future more unpredictable than ever with Rice University evolutionary biologist Scott Solomon. He’s the author of “Future Humans: Insider the Science of Our Continuing Evolution” (Yale University Press).

Friday, 10/28 – Anything You Ever Wanted to Know
Noon:         Anything You Ever Wanted to Know is the forum for your questions and answers. If you’ve been wondering about something give us a call during the show, drop us an email or send a tweet and we’ll see what the audience has to say about it.