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KERA Live Production Rundown – Think/Anything – Week of 10/27/14

Monday, 10/27 – Think

Hour 1:       Since his election last year, Pope Francis has focused on building a more inclusive Catholic Church. This hour, we’ll talk about his plans to modernize the 2,000 year-old institution with Elisabetta Piqué, Vatican correspondent for Argentina’s La Nación newspaper. Her new book is Pope Francis: Life and Revolution – A Biography of Jorge Bergoglio. (Loyola Press).

Hour 2:       Jodi Picoult’s best-selling novels include Nineteen Minutes and Change of Heart. This hour, we’ll talk to her about her latest effort, Leaving Time (Ballantine Books), which focuses on a woman’s search for her missing mother. Picoult speaks tonight as part of Highland Park United Methodist Church’s Authors Live! series.

Tuesday, 10/28 – Think

Hour 1:       In one week, Texans will go to the polls to elect a new governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and other offices. This hour, we’ll check in on the key races both in North Texas and around the state with KERA’s Shelley Kofler and Gromer Jeffers of The Dallas Morning News.

Hour 2:       As a Confederate general, Stonewall Jackson was on the losing side of the Civil War. But 150 years later, he’s still considered one of the nation’s great military minds. This hour, we’ll get to know the man who nearly brought the Union Army to its knees with S.C. Gwynne. His new book is Rebel Yell: The Violence, Passion, and Redemption of Stonewall Jackson (Scribner).

Wednesday, 10/29 – Think

Hour 1:       Neutrinos are one of the smallest particles in existence – more than 100,000 billion of them pass through us each second. This hour, we’ll talk to SMU physicist Thomas E. Coan about his current study of these subatomic curiosities, which may help scientists explain the origins of matter and how the universe functions.

Hour 2:       November is National Novel Writing Month. This hour, we’ll learn why we’re just four weeks away from our first book with Chris Baty, author of No Plot? No Problem! A Low-Stress, High-Velocity Guide to Writing a Novel in 30 Days (Chronicle Books).

Thursday, 10/30 – Think

Hour 1:       As Content Director of TED, Kelly Stoetzel travels the world in search of compelling people with wisdom to share. This hour, we’ll talk to the Dallas native and SMU graduate about how TED has grown into a global intellectual force and a KERA weekend staple.

Hour 2:       In 1987, Gary Hart went from presidential frontrunner to talk-show fodder when rumors of marital infidelity surfaced. This hour, we’ll talk about how that story changed the way we think about politicians with Yahoo’s national political columnist Matt Bai, author of All the Truth Is Out: The Week Politics Went Tabloid (Knopf).

Friday, 10/31 – Anything You Ever Wanted to Know

Noon:         Anything You Ever Wanted to Know is the forum for your questions and answers. If you’ve been wondering about something give us a call during the show, drop us an email or send a tweet and we’ll see what the audience has to say about it.

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