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Think – Upcoming Programs

KERA Live Production Rundown – Think/Anything – Week of 7/25/16

Monday, 7/25 – Think

Hour 1:       Our world is one of increasingly connected systems. And those who can best understand those connections are thriving – including investors, politicians and even terrorists. This hour, we’ll talk about how we can make these links work for us with Joshua Cooper Ramo, author of “The Seventh Sense: Power, Fortune, and Survival in the Age of Networks” (Little, Brown and Company).

Hour 2:       Plenty of Americans are hitting the road this summer in search of a hike – most likely on a trail. Few will stop to consider how these trails got there, though, or what they say about our drive to explore new paths. This hour, we’ll take a historical and philosophical look at trails with Robert Moor. He writes all about them in “On Trails: An Exploration” (Simon & Schuster).

Tuesday, 7/26 – Think

Hour 1:       Best of Think – Learning how to effectively bargain is a key to making relationships work and resolving disputes. This hour, we’ll listen back to our May conversation with Daniel Shapiro, founder of the Harvard International Negotiation Program and associate professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School. His new book is called “Negotiating the Nonnegotiable: How to Resolve Your Most Emotionally Charged Conflicts” (Harper).

Hour 2:       On July 7, the City of Dallas experienced the unthinkable when five police officers were slain by a gunman. Not two weeks later, Baton Rouge, La., was similarly shocked when three of its officers were gunned down. This hour, in partnership with WRKF in Baton Rouge and WWNO in New Orleans, KERA will air “Our Shared Tragedy,” an hourlong special looking at how residents of Baton Rouge and Dallas are coping with the violence that visited their cities – and how all Americans might learn and move on from the events.

Wednesday, 7/27 – Think

Hour 1:       With any piece of information just a web search away, an argument can be made that less memorization frees our brains up for other tasks. This hour, we’ll talk about why internalizing seemingly unconnected data actually makes us better thinkers with William Poudstone. His new book is called “Head in the Cloud: Why Knowing Things Still Matters When Facts are so Easy to Look Up” (Little, Brown and Co.).

Hour 2:       Persistent drought has people from California to The Congo concerned about a water-strapped future. At the same time, innovative thinkers are actually extending the flows of rivers, harvesting wastewater and growing fruit in the desert. This hour, we’ll learn how they do it with Judith D. Schwartz, author of “Water in Plain Sight: Hope for a Thirsty World” (St. Martin’s Press).

Thursday, 7/28 – Think

Two Hour Special:         Hillary Clinton will accept the nomination for president tonight at the Democratic National Convention. Today, we’ll devote both hours of our show to all things Clinton. During the show, we’ll speak with:

  • NPR’s Sam Sanders from Philadelphia, site of the convention.
  • Karen Blumenthal, author of “Hillary Rodham Clinton: A Woman Living History” (Feiwel & Friends).
  • David Graham, who traces Clinton scandals from Whitewater to Benghazi in The Atlantic.
  • TCU political science professor James Riddlesperger and UNT political science professor Valerie Martinez-Ebers.

Friday, 7/29 – Anything You Ever Wanted to Know

Noon:         Anything You Ever Wanted to Know is the forum for your questions and answers. If you’ve been wondering about something give us a call during the show, drop us an email or send a tweet and we’ll see what the audience has to say about it.