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Sustaining Membership

The Sustaining Membership Program is a convenient and reliable way to manage your financial support for KERA through ongoing monthly payments, which are automatically transferred from your bank account or credit card. A record of each monthly contribution will appear on your bank account or card statement.


As a Sustaining Member, you will:

  • Enjoy the convenience of secure, automatic monthly payments that transfer from your bank account to KERA
  • Enable more dollars to go to programs by helping reduce KERA’s administrative and mail costs
  • Receive the KERA Member Rewards Card each January, valid for that full calendar year
  • Receive a calendar year-end report of your contributions for tax purposes
  • Know that your continuing contribution provides North Texas with informative, enriching and enjoyable public radio and television programs.

Your annual commitment will be automatically renewed. If your circumstances change, you can choose to increase, decrease or suspend your monthly contribution amount by calling KERA’s Member Services staff during business hours at 214-740-9272.

How to Participate

– If you want to become a sustaining member by credit card, check the Sustaining Membership box on the online donation forms for KERA Television, KERA Radio or KXT 91.7.

– If you prefer to use bank account auto-withdrawal, please print out, complete, sign and date the Sustaining Member Enrollment Form (pdf), indicating the amount that you will have transferred from your checking account to KERA each month. Detach and return the signed form along with your check payable to “KERA” for the dollar amount of your first month’s contribution. Please also include a blank check marked “VOID” (in ink, large letters), which will be used for processing your authorized monthly contributions, and mail to:

Membership Department
3000 Harry Hines Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75201

Beginning with the second month, your authorized monthly contributions will be automatically transferred to KERA. Please notify KERA as soon as possible if you plan to change bank accounts, close an account or open a new bank account.

Contributions are tax deductible, less the fair market value of a requested thank-you gift. KERA is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization registered in the State of Texas. All gifts provided to KERA originating as ACH transactions comply with United States law.