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    Raising Children With Invisible Disabilities

    This hour, we’ll talk with Linda M. Blum, author of “Raising Generation Rx: Mothering Kids With Invisible Disabilities in an Age of Inequality” about the realities of caring for these children.

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    Living With Arthritis

    We’ll talk with experts about current research and remedies for the condition that affects more than 50 million Americans.

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    Battling Ebola

    The CDC is fighting the biggest outbreak of Ebola that Africa has ever seen. We’ll talk this hour about why the virus is so difficult to contain with a panel of local infectious disease experts.

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    Life After Death

    This hour, we’ll talk about the moral and sociological ramifications of bringing people back to life with Dr. David Casarett, associate professor in the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine.

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    The Pot Debate

    We’ll talk this hour about how marijuana affects individuals and society with University of Texas at Dallas researchers Dr. Francesca Filbey and Dr. Robert Morris.

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    On The Brain

    This hour, we’ll explore how neurosurgeons had to experiment with different procedures to get to where we are with modern neuroscience with author Sam Kean.

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