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    From Farm To The Garbage

    An estimated one-third of all food produced worldwide is either lost or wasted somewhere between the farm and our dinner plates. This hour, we’ll talk about the opportunities presented by all that waste with Elizabeth Royte. She writes about the topic in the November issue of National Geographic.

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    The Evolution Of Eating

    We’ll talk this hour about why and how our diets have evolved with Ann Gibbons. She profiles indigenous peoples across the globe who are still eating the way their ancestors ate in the next issue of National Geographic.

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    Scotland’s Stonehenge

    We’ll talk this hour about the structure that predates its more famous English cousin with Ruff Smith. He writes about “The First Stonehenge” in the August issue of National Geographic.

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    Is There Anybody Out There?

    What are the odds that life exists on other planets? We’ll talk about the possibility this hour with Michael Lemonick, who explores the question in a cover story for the July issue of National Geographic.

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