• tiananmen

    Tiananmen Revisited

    We’ll talk this hour with NPR correspondent Louisa Lim about the People’s Liberation Army’s massacre in Tiananmen Square 25 years ago.

  • kelly

    The Costs Of Covering War

    As part of our special Memorial Day episode of Think, we’ll listen back to our interview from last fall with NPR war correspondent Kelly McEvers.

  • kmcevers_custom-1bf9407391b38136f1c7c352dc7123e4f703a371-s6-c30

    Reporting From The Trenches

    What drives journalists to leave their families and risk their lives to tell the stories of war? NPR’s Kelly McEvers, who worked for NPR as a correspondent in the Middle East during one of the deadliest years on record for journalists, wanted to know.

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