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    A Place Called Jubilee

    The cost of living poor can be staggering: Racking up interest on a payday loan, working for minimum wage, paying fees to cash a check, and eating healthy when groceries are hard to find. This hour, as part of KERA’s One Crisis Away: Inside a Neighborhood initiative, we’ll talk to Courtney Collins, who reported the […]

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    Dissecting the Earned Income Tax Credit

    How do working families use the annual checks from the earned income tax credit to build a middle-class life? This hour we’ll weight the costs and benefits with the author of “It’s Not Like I’m Poor.”

  • poverty

    What It’s Like To Be Poor

    About 14.5 percent of Americans live in poverty. We’ll talk with the author of Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America about the many misconceptions we have about what it’s like to be poor.

  • interview

    Please Send Resume To…

    This hour, we’ll talk to local representatives from Workforce Solutions about the job prospects in North Texas and about ways that workers of all ages can better position themselves in the marketplace.

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    When Savings Are Slim

    A new study shows nearly half of Texans don’t have enough cash available to stay above the poverty line for three months after a financial emergency. We’ll find out why the numbers have jumped.

  • piggybank

    Dollars And Sense

    As part of KERA’s One Crisis Away initiative, we’ll find out this hour how we can better mange our money with a panel of Certified Financial Planners.

  • onecrisis

    One Crisis Away

    This hour, we kick off KERA’s new initiative, One Crisis Away, with a discussion of asset poverty and financial literacy.

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