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    Catching Up With Confucious

    There’s no doubt that his philosophy has impacted every aspect of East Asian culture. This hour, we’ll speak with Michael Schuman, author of “Confucius and the World he Created.”

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    The Rise Of Graphic Novels

    Graphic novels are one of the fastest growing genres at libraries. This hour, we’ll talk about current trends in the comic world with a panel of experts.

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    The Power Of The Lithium-Ion Battery

    This hour, we’ll talk about the international race to perfect the lithium-ion battery with the author of “The Powerhouse: Inside the Invention of a Battery to Save the World.”

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    A Conversation With David Axelrod

    He was instrumental in getting Barack Obama into the Oval Office. This hour, we’ll talk with Axelrod about his journey from a Chicago newsroom to the White House.

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    Inside ‘The Glass Castle’

    This hour, we’ll talk with author Jeannette Walls about her controversial memoir, “The Glass Castle,” and her upcoming appearance at the Highland Park Literary Festival.

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    Dissecting the Earned Income Tax Credit

    How do working families use the annual checks from the earned income tax credit to build a middle-class life? This hour we’ll weight the costs and benefits with the author of “It’s Not Like I’m Poor.”

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    Writing About War

    This hour, we’ll talk with author Elliot Ackerman about how his five tours of duty in the Middle East influenced his debut novel, “Green on Blue,” which is set in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan.

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    Taking Down The Taliban

    This hour, we’ll talk to former CIA station chief for Islamabad Robert Grenier about the challenges of fighting the Taliban.

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    The Allure of Acting

    Whether on stage or on screen, watching actors engage in their craft influences how we live our daily lives. This hour, we’ll talk about the art of acting with film critic David Thomson.

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    Fact In The Age Of Opinion

    Why do we cling to our beliefs even in the face of reasonable evidence to the contrary? This hour, we’ll talk to science writer Joel Achenbach about why data is less definitive in a world more interested in opinion.

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