• mars

    Mission To Mars

    This hour, we’ll take a trip 35 million miles from Earth with science writer Marc Kaufman, author of “Mars Up Close: Inside the Curiosity Mission.”

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    Words And Pictures

    We’ll talk this hour about how we imagine what we read with Peter Mendelsund, Associate Art Director for Alfred A Knopf Books. He writes about the topic in “What We See When We Read.”

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    The Evolution Of Eating

    We’ll talk this hour about why and how our diets have evolved with Ann Gibbons. She profiles indigenous peoples across the globe who are still eating the way their ancestors ate in the next issue of National Geographic.

  • god

    One Nation, Under God

    We’ll talk this hour about how American history has affected our perception of God with Matthew Paul Turner. His new book is “Our Great Big American God: A Short History of Our Ever-Growing Deity.”

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    Arctic Adventure

    On July 8, 1879, the USS Jeannette set sail from San Francisco with the hopes of reaching the North Pole. We’ll talk this hour about what happened to the crew with Hampton Sides, who tells their story in his new book.

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    Off The Beaten Path

    We’ll talk this hour about elusive corners of the globe with Alastair Bonnett, who writes about them in “Unruly Places: Lost Spaces, Secret Cities, and Other Inscrutable Geographies.”

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    Dealing With Confrontations

    When we’re slighted, offended or worse in our daily lives, many of us choose to just suck it up. We’ll talk this hour about why we’re better served by working out our differences with others the author of “The Power of Positive Confrontation: The Skills You Need to Handle Conflicts at Work, at Home, Online, and In Life.”

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    Scotland’s Stonehenge

    We’ll talk this hour about the structure that predates its more famous English cousin with Ruff Smith. He writes about “The First Stonehenge” in the August issue of National Geographic.

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    The Pressures On Principals

    We’ll talk this hour about the challenges faced by the leaders of our schools with the SMU researchers behind the new study “The Changing Role of the Principal: How High-Achieving Districts are Recalibrating School Leadership.”

  • Benny_Becky_Binion_One_Million_Display

    A Gambler’s Life

    This hour we’ll learn about notorious gambler Benny Binion with Dallas Morning News reporter Doug J. Swanson. His new book is “Blood Aces: The Wild Ride of Benny Binion, the Texas Gangster Who Created Vegas Poker.”

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