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    Alexander Graham Bell On Tape

    Anytime you check your voicemail or call Grandma, thank c. This hour, from NPR headquarters in Washington, we’ll talk about the father of the telephone — and his other pioneering works — with Carlene Stephens, curator of the National Museum of American History exhibition “Hear My Voice: Alexander Graham Bell and the Origins of Recorded Sound.”

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    Caring For Our Vets

    This hour, from NPR headquarters in Washington, we’ll talk about keeping our veterans healthy and helping them to return to civilian life with Dr. Harold Kudler, chief consultant for Mental Health Services; and Michael Fisher, program analyst for the VA’s Readjustment Counseling Service.

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    D.C. On TV And Film

    Political television shows such as House of Cards and Veep just wouldn’t feel authentic if they didn’t film at least some of their scenes in the nation’s capital. This hour, we’ll talk about shooting TV and movies in America’s most security conscious city with Angie Gates, director of the D.C. Office of Motion Picture and Television Development; and House of Cards location manager Patrick Burn.

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    A Conversation With Scott Simon

    When NPR host Scott Simon began tweeting from his mother’s deathbed, he captured the hearts of thousands with his poignant, heartbreaking observations. This hour, from NPR headquarters in Washington, we’ll talk with him about his new memoir, Unforgettable: A Mother’s Final Days – And the Lessons that Last a Lifetime.

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    Serving Texas In The House

    With terms lasting just two years, it’s tough to get to know members of the House of Representatives. This hour, we’ll talk with two North Texas members – Rep. Marc Veasey of Texas 33rd congressional district and Rep. Michael Burgess of the 26th – about national issues important to their constituents and about the everyday life of a congressman in Washingto