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    Spies Like Us

    This hour, we’ll speak with spy novelist Alan Furst about his latest tale of WWII espionage, Midnight in Europe.

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    A Conviction Corrected

    We’ll talk this hour about how the DPD became a model for how law enforcement handles eye witnesses with Joe Berlinger. He documents the story in the June 8 episode of The System with Joe Berlinger.

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    Boys To Men

    We’ll talk this hour with Judy Chu from the Program in Human Biology at Stanford University. She explores a recent two-year study in the new book When Boys Become Boys: Development, Relationships, and Masculinity.

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    Medical Dilemmas

    We’ll talk to Dr. Barron Lerner this hour about the moral decisions physicians must make, which he writes about in his book, The Good Doctor: A Father, a Son, and the Evolution of Medical Ethics.

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    Where You’re From Matters

    Universities are considering race less and less as they process applications. And Sheryll Cashin argues that that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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    Serving Our Seniors

    As part of Elder Abuse Prevention month, we’ll talk this hour tabout how we can take better care of our senior citizens.

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    Dancing Queen

    Ahead of her retirement, we’ll talk to Dallas Black Dance Theatre founder Ann Williams about her life in dance.

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    Talkin’ Texas Politics

    We’ll talk this hour about how the state’s political landscape has taken shape with Collin College history professors Michael Phillips and Kyle Wilkison.

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    Our Evolving Selves

    We’ll talk this hour about how our personalities evolve throughout our lives with research psychologist Christopher J. Soto, director of the Colby Personality Lab at Colby College.

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    Fads In Food And Fitness

    We’ll talk about current health and fitness trends this hour with Leslie Barker, who writes about those topics for The Dallas Morning News.

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