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Travels with the State Historian of Texas  April 14, 2011

What makes Texas History so fascinating? We’ll spend this hour with Light Townsend Cummins, Ph.D., the Bryan Chair of American History at Austin College and official State Historian of Texas.

Using Science to Read the Early-Warning Signs  April 13, 2011

Can ecology, biology, mathematics and physics help us avoid (or at least predict) forthcoming troubles of the worst kind? We’ll talk this hour with scientist Len Fisher, Ph.D., author of the new book “Crashes, Crises, and Calamities: How We Can …

Emotion in the New Workplace  April 12, 2011

What role do emotions play at work? Our guest this hour, journalist and former executive vice president and worldwide creative director for Nickelodeon, Anne Kreamer tackles the issue in her new book “It’s Always Personal: Emotion in the New Workplace” …

Socrates, Athens and the Search for the Good Life  April 12, 2011

Who was the man that influenced Western philosophy more than any other and what was the nature of his time and place? Historian Bettany Hughes explores the mystery of Socrates in her new book “The Hemlock Cup: Socrates, Athens and …

The Dumb Things We Do and How to Avoid Them  April 11, 2011

Why do politicians, movie stars and even ordinary folks like us do stupid things and how can we avoid such self-destructive mistakes? We’ll talk this hour with City University of New York Sociologist William Helmreich, Ph.D. His new book is …

Philanthropy that Gets Results  April 11, 2011

Just how big is philanthropy’s global impact and what factors should donors consider before making those financial gifts? We’ll spend this hour with Thomas J. Tierney, cofounder and chairman of The Bridgespan Group and co-author of the new book “Give …

A Century of White Rock Lake  April 8, 2011

What stories could Dallas’ White Rock Lake tell us of its first 100 years? We’ll commemorate the lake’s centennial with Sally Rodriguez, historian for the Dallas Park and Recreation Department and author of “White Rock Lake” (Arcadia Publishing, 2010). In …

Insects  April 7, 2011

What can we learn from the diverse but largely unseen world of insects? We’ll talk this hour with Hugh Raffles, who teaches anthropology at The New School and has just published the new book “Insectopedia” (Vintage, 2011).

The Dallas Auto Show  April 7, 2011

Considering a new car? The Dallas Auto Show runs this weekend at the Dallas Convention Center. We’ll discuss some of the hundreds of cars and trucks at the show and get a round-up of what’s new, what’s hot and what’s …

Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan  April 6, 2011

What’s it really like on the ground in Afghanistan and Pakistan? We’ll get a candid look at the war zone lives of journalists, soldiers, politicians, expats and more this hour with Kim Barker. Currently a New York-based reporter for ProPublica, …

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