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Murdoch’s Media Empire  November 7, 2013

Rupert Murdoch may be the most towering figure in the world of media. We’ll talk about the mogul’s influence this hour with NPR’s media correspondent David Folkenflik.

One Family’s Saga  November 7, 2013

SMU associate professor Andrew R. Graybill joins us this hour to tell the multi-generational story of a white man who married an Native American woman in the 19th Century, and how attitudes about their family changed as the years passed.

One Crisis Away  November 6, 2013

This hour, we kick off KERA’s new initiative, One Crisis Away, with a discussion of asset poverty and financial literacy.

At Home At The White House  November 6, 2013

It’s the world’s most famous residence. But how much do you know about what goes on within its walls?

America’s Global Standing  November 5, 2013

Is our country on the decline, or do we still live in the most powerful nation on Earth? We’ll find out this hour what the view’s like beyond our borders.

Soulful Shelters  November 5, 2013

Some houses and apartments have that je ne sais quoi that turn them into homes. We’ll talk this hour about what sets those dwellings apart.

Back From The Journey  November 4, 2013

Elizabeth Gilbert follows up her wildly successful Eat, Pray, Love with a return to fiction.

The Power Of Positive Thinking  November 4, 2013
shutterstock_106115951 copy

Our brains have a way of overcompensating for negative experiences. Our guest today explains how we can reshape the way our minds work.

Halloween, Minus The Death  October 31, 2013

For a holiday that’s all about ghoulishness, our culture has a way of separating thoughts of death from Halloween.

Tricks Or Treats?  October 31, 2013

Tonight, millions of kids will put on costumes and flood their neighborhoods in search of candy. But how have our attitudes about sweets changed over the years?

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