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How the U.S. Can Thrive as Other Powers Rise  January 29, 2008

How will the U.S. face the increasing influence and growing economic power of other countries? We’ll talk with Nina Hachigian, Senior Vice President at the Center for American Progress and co-author of the new book, “The Next American Century: How …

Egypt’s Role in the Middle East  January 28, 2008

What role does Egypt play in the Middle East and how can the United States and Egypt work together to ensure a peaceful future in the region? We’ll spend this hour with His Excellency Nabil Fahmy, Ambassador of Egypt to …

The Final Years of Thomas Jefferson  January 28, 2008

Thomas Jefferson is remembered today as the key architect of U.S. democracy. But what were the years like that followed his presidency and how did he wish to be remembered? We’ll spend this hour with Alan Pell Crawford, author of …

Voices of Illness, A Chorus of Hope  January 24, 2008

How does one cope with chronic illness? Emmy award-winning journalist Richard M. Cohen, who has written about his own battle with multiple sclerosis, explores the lives of five individuals who face their own health challenges in his new book “Strong …

How Well-Meaning White People Perpetuate the Racial Divide  January 24, 2008

Many will agree that racism is still an issue in today’s society. But are people who don’t consider themselves prejudiced actually racist to one degree or another? We’ll spend this hour with sociologist Barbara Trepagnier, author of “Silent Racism: How …

Corruption in DISD  January 23, 2008

Is corruption a problem at the Dallas Independent School District? What is the district doing to investigate allegations of abuse? We’ll spend this hour with Dallas Morning News reporters Tawnell Hobbs and Kent Fischer, who have reported on this story.

Finding Faith Without Fanaticism  January 23, 2008

What is religious extremism and how can the faithful of different religions peacefully co-exist? We’ll talk this hour with Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, author of “You Don’t Have to be Wrong For Me to be Right: Finding Faith Without Fanaticism” (Harmony, …

The True Story of Gray’s Anatomy  January 22, 2008

150 years ago, a young anatomist first published the medical text “Gray’s Anatomy.” Author Bill Hayes tells the story of how this seminal work came to be in his new book “The Anatomist: A True Story of Gray’s Anatomy” (Ballantine …

Pursuing Justice and Remembering MLK  January 18, 2008

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price has served the residents of his district for 23 years. He’ll be honored with the Dallas Bar Association’s Martin Luther King Jr. Justice Award at a noon luncheon on Monday, January 21st at the …

Conservatism that Can Win Again  January 17, 2008

Can conservatives regain a premiere place in American politics as the Bush years come to a close? David Frum thinks so. In town to speak to the World Affairs Council of Dallas Fort Worth, Frum will join us to discuss …

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