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Election 2008  January 9, 2008

While some have already left the race for the Presidency, other candidates are either working to solidify early primary and caucus gains or stage a come-from-behind campaign before the massive 22-state contest on February 5th. We’ll discuss last night’s New …

The Medicated Child  January 8, 2008

Why are more than 6 million American children taking psychiatric drugs? We’ll talk this hour with producer Marcela Gaviria, whose film “The Medicated Child” airs tonight on PBS’ FRONTLINE. You can see it at 9pm on KERA 13.

The Hypocrisy of Disco  January 8, 2008

What was your childhood like? Clane Hayward spent her first thirteen years in a series of communes, campsites, and makeshift homes before running away and eventually joining the U.S. Navy. A teacher in Austin, Texas today, Hayward has just published …

The Story of India  January 7, 2008

India, home to one of the oldest and most influential civilizations on the Earth is now poised to become a global leader once again. Michael Wood, historian and filmmaker, who’s just published his latest book “India” (Basic Books, 2007), will …

Helping Me Help Myself  January 7, 2008

Can we really help ourselves? Self-help gurus certainly want you to believe the hype, buy their books, and attend those seminars. Writer and performer Beth Lisick spent 2006 test-driving a dozen different programs for her new book “Helping me Help …

The Trouble with Diversity: How We Learned to Love Identity and Ignore Inequality  January 4, 2008

From the Archives – Is there a problem with the current idea of diversity? Walter Benn Michaels, professor of English at the University of Illinois at Chicago, argues that our cultural focus on identity might allow economic inequalities to flourish. …

What Politics Has Taught Me about Friendship, Rivalry, Reputation, and Success  January 3, 2008

From the Archives – What can we learn from politicians? We spent an hour last month with Chris Matthews, star of MSNBC’s Hardball and NBC’s The Chris Matthews Show. Matthews has put some 40 years of experience and observation into …

Climate Change and Texas  January 3, 2008

From the Archives – What are Texans doing to mitigate climate change? We talked in December with NPR Reporter John Burnett, whose Climate Connections series on Texas nationally last month. We were also joined by Professor Andrew Dessler of Texas …

A Conservation with NPR’s Scott Simon  January 2, 2008

From the Archives – You know Scott Simon. He’s the guy you share your coffee with on Saturday mornings. He’s the ever-frustrated Chicago Cubs fan who you love to commiserate with. He’s the host of Weekend Edition Saturday from NPR. …

Remarkable Off-the-Record Conversations with Gerald R. Ford  January 2, 2008

From the Archives – Who was the real President Gerald R. Ford and how did he want to be remembered by the American people? We talked in November with journalist Thomas M. DeFrank, whose new book is “Write It When …

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