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The Founding Fathers and the First Great Battle Over Church and State  October 23, 2007

What role did religion play in the founding of our nation? This highly-debated topic is the subject of Dr. Forrest Church’s new book “So Help Me God: The Founding Fathers and the First Great Battle Over Church and State” (Harcourt, …

From Republic to Statehood  October 23, 2007

What makes something a historical artifact and what roles do such artifacts play in our understanding of history? This hour we’ll discuss the 6th Annual Republic of Texas Exhibit with Alan Olson, Collections and Exhibits Director for the Dallas Historical …

A 1,600 Mile-Trek Across a Desert of Hope and Despair  October 22, 2007

What does it take to march 1600 miles across one of the most desolate deserts in the world? We’ll spend this hour with adventurer Helen Thayer, whose new book is “Walking the Gobi: A 1,600 Mile-Trek Across a Desert of …

Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong  October 22, 2007

Think you know your American History? Think again. James Loewen, author of the newly revised and updated “Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong” (Touchstone Fireside, 1995, 2007) will set us straight this hour.

News Media Today  October 19, 2007

What is news? How is the media landscape changing? We’ll talk this evening with Ray Suarez, Senior Correspondent for the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, who’s in town for the Greater Dallas Planning Council’s Metromorphosis Symposium.J. Larry Allums, Executive Director of …

World Without End and the Process of a Best-Selling Author  October 18, 2007

What does it take to sell millions of books? Just ask best-selling author Ken Follett. Follett’s 17 best-sellers have included “Eye of the Needle” and “On Wings of Eagles.” His latest book, “World Without End” (Dutton, 2007), is the long-awaited …

Teen Runaways and The “Who’s Sofa Surfing Tonight?” Campaign  October 18, 2007

Just how big is the teen runaway problem in North Texas? According to Promise House, over 1000 area teens are without a permanently place to stay each night. We’ll discuss the “Who’s Sofa Surfing Tonight?” campaign with Dr. Harriet Boorhem, …

How Body Maps in Your Brain Help You Do (Almost) Everything Better  October 17, 2007

The brain is truly powerful. Just how powerful it is, however, is still a big mystery. We’ll shed a little more light on the mind-body connection this hour with New York Times science writer Sandra Blakeslee, who with her son …

Breast Cancer Today  October 17, 2007

What’s the latest news in the fight against breast cancer? We’ll explore advances in risk assessment, prevention, diagnosis and treatment this hour with Dr. David Euhus and Dr. Marilyn Leitch of U.T. Southwestern Medical Center.

NASA and the End of the Space Shuttle Program  October 16, 2007

Where is space exploration headed? Will we return to the Moon or make it to Mars? We’ll find out this hour with everyone’s favorite NPR space program reporter, Pat Duggins. Pat also works as senior news analyst at WMFE-FM in …

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