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The Passionate, Heartbreaking, and Glorious Quest to Grow the Biggest Pumpkin Ever  September 27, 2007

Fall is officially here and soon, we’ll all see pumpkins in the stores and on our neighbor’s porches. But look over the back fence and you might be surprised at the size of the pumpkins they’re growing in the backyard …

Baseball as America  September 26, 2007

Love baseball? With the regular season winding down and the playoffs just around the corner, there’s no better time to discuss baseball’s influence on American culture. We’ll spend this hour with Ted Spencer, VP and Chief Curator at the Baseball …

The American West: Border and Frontier  September 26, 2007

How have borders influenced the American West? The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture will hold a day-long symposium “The American West: Border and Frontier,” on Saturday, September 29th. We’ll explore the influence of the borderlands this hour with professor, …

William and Rosalie: A Holocaust Testimony  September 25, 2007

Millions of European Jews did not survive the Holocaust, but some did. We’ll spend this hour with two of those survivors, William and Rosalie Schiff. We’ll also be joined by Craig Hanley, the journalist who has helped bring their story …

The Lackawanna Six and Rough Justice in the Age of Terror  September 25, 2007

What happened when six young Yemeni-Americans from Western New York traveled to Afghanistan in the spring of 2001? Regardless of the reason for their trip, after the 9/11 attacks they were under suspicion. We’ll look back at the story this …

StoryCorps  September 24, 2007

StoryCorps, the revolutionary project to record American stories, is visiting North Texas and we want you to participate. We’ll spend this hour with StoryCorps founder and MacArthur Fellow, Dave Isay. We’ll also hear a few of the remarkable stories the …

A Delightfully Opinionated Journey Through Contemporary Bestsellers  September 24, 2007

What are you reading right now and, more importantly, why are you reading it? It’s a question that every writer, bookseller, and publisher would love to answer. We’ll discuss why some books flop and others fly off the shelves with …

The Creative Process and The Future of Art  September 21, 2007

We’ll get some perspective on the creative process this evening with Michael Auping, Chief Curator at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. His new book “30 Years: Interviews and Outtakes” compiles 34 of the hundreds of interviews that he …

Inventing Human Rights: A History  September 20, 2007

Why do we have human rights? Where did they come from? UCLA Professor Lynn Hunt, author of “Inventing Human Rights: A History” (Norton, 2007), will join us this hour.

The World Without Us  September 20, 2007

What would happen if people just disappeared? Alan Weisman has a few thoughts on the subject. Weisman presents a haunting yet strangely appealing portrait of a planet earth devoid of human beings in his new, best-selling book “The World Without …

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