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A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance  June 13, 2007

Everyone wants to do a good job, but doctors are under constant pressure to perform perfectly. Dr. Atul Gawande knows first hand what it’s like to work under stressful conditions. The 2006 MacArthur Fellow and general surgeon at the Brigham …

Dallas Morning News Affordable Housing Crisis Series  June 13, 2007

Does Dallas face an affordable housing crisis? According to a recent Dallas Morning News series, the pressures of development and redevelopment (among others) are forcing lower-income residents out. We’ll discuss the situation this hour with David Dillon and David Tarrant …

A Year in the Life of Starbucks’ Stock  June 12, 2007

What can be learned about the stock market by following a single company for one year? We’ll spend this hour with Karen Blumenthal who did just that for her new book “Grande Expectations: A Year in the Life of Starbucks’ …

A Citizens Guide to a Food and Farm Bill  June 12, 2007

What does the Farm Bill mean for you? Plenty – according to food and environmental writer Daniel Imhoff. We’ll examine how the $90 billion bill which is up for renewal this year will affect what you eat, and what it …

Voices for Creative Nonviolence  June 11, 2007

How does war affect those who live in a war zone? Three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee and co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, Kathy Kelly, will speak to the Dallas Peace Center tomorrow evening. She’ll be our guest this hour.

The Myths of Innovation  June 11, 2007

Where do ideas come from? How are new concepts created? The answers might surprise you. We’ll explore the ideas behind innovation this hour with Scott Berkun, author of “The Myths of Innovation” (O’Reilly, 2007).

Fort Worth Today and Tomorrow  June 8, 2007

What does the future hold for Fort Worth and where is the city headed? We’ll spend the first segment of tonight’s program with Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief, who was re-elected on May 12th. Dr. Tim Seelig, who’s served as …

Genetics and Mental Illness  June 7, 2007

Can your body’s Circadian rhythms determine your susceptibility to bipolar disorder? According to a National Academy of Sciences study by UT Southwestern “the Clock gene, which controls [these] rhythms, may be integrally involved in the development of bipolar disorder.” We’ll …

The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour  June 7, 2007

The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour is in town for a performance tonight at the Majestic Theatre. We’ll spend this hour with two of the stars of the show – Iranian-American comedian, Maz Jobrani, and Egyptian-American comedian, Ahmed Ahmed.

Political Power and the News Media from Iraq to Katrina  June 6, 2007

What are the responsibilities of the press and what role does the news media play in public policy? We’ll spend this hour with Steven Livingston, associate professor at George Washington University and co-author of the new book “When the Press …

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