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History, Culture, And The Mind  February 25, 2013
Lewis Lapham

How is our society’s focus on the now, the quick, and the easy transforming our culture and what’s it doing to our minds?

The Arab Awakening and Change in the Middle East  February 25, 2013

How is the Arab Awakening changing the geopolitical dynamic in the Middle East and what might the future hold for Syria, Iran, and their neighbors?

Becoming A Writer  February 21, 2013
The Book Thief

How did stories about World War II inspire a young Australian to become a writer?

Previewing The Oscars  February 21, 2013

Who will win big at Sunday night’s Academy Awards?

Bernini’s Beloved  February 20, 2013
Bernini's Beloved

How did the sculptor Bernini choose his subjects and what do we know of his relationships with the people he immortalized in marble and clay?

The Financial Crisis, The Response, And The Work Ahead  February 20, 2013
After the Music Stopped

What is still needed for our economy to fully recover from recent financial woes?

Bob Balaban’s Creature From the Seventh Grade  February 19, 2013

What makes a character work on the page or on the screen and just how important are those traumatic pre-teen years to a writer and actor’s later creativity?

A Conversation with Judy Blume  February 19, 2013

What makes a children’s book a classic and how is literature for young people changing today?

Underwater Eden  February 14, 2013
Underwater Eden

What will it take to preserve the remaining few pristine marine ecosystems on the planet?

The Art Of Nonfiction  February 14, 2013

What drives a writer to tell important stories and do the hard work to tell them well?

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