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Lady Bird Johnson  January 24, 2013
Lady Bird Johnson

How did a shy young lady from rural Texas manage the transition to First Lady of the United States during one of the 20th Century’s most tumultuous decades?

An Observant Walk  January 24, 2013
On Looking

How much do you notice when you’re out and about and how much are you missing?

Making Habits, Breaking Habits  January 23, 2013
Making Habits, Breaking Habits

How are your resolutions going this year and just how long does it take to make a new activity part of one’s regular routine?

The Frank Family Photo Album  January 23, 2013
Image Courtesy Dallas Holocaust Museum

What was life like for Otto Frank’s family before the Nazis arrived in Amsterdam?

The Age Of Miracles  January 22, 2013
Karen Thompson Walker

Why are we fascinated by apocalyptic story lines and what does this attraction to doom say about our culture and our age?

Learning From Traditional Societies  January 22, 2013
The World Until Yesterday

What can we learn about our future from the very few traditional human societies that still exist?

Exploring The Deep  January 17, 2013
Prow railing of the R.M.S. "Titanic". Photograph by Emory Kristof

What was it like to make some of the biggest undersea discoveries of the 20th Century?

The Future Of U.S. Diplomacy  January 17, 2013
Ryan Crocker

What should be the role of the United States in the Middle East and beyond?

The Inventors Who Make America Great  January 16, 2013
The Tinkerers

Who are the modern-day tinkerers and how has tinkering survived our culture’s focus on efficiency, conformity, and planned obsolescence?

Arts In Education  January 16, 2013
Arts Education Pencils

How can an art curriculum help students develop critical thinking skills and ultimately be successful in our creative and knowledge-based economy?

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