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America’s Servicewomen In Today’s Military  January 31, 2013

How will access to front line and combat-related duties change the careers and lives of women in the U.S. military?

The World Of King Lear  January 31, 2013

What are the challenges of staging a new production of one of Shakespeare’s best-known plays?

A Family’s Story Of Slavery And Empire  January 30, 2013
Sugar in the Blood

How did the sugar trade change the world and ultimately impact the lives of New World colonial cane growers and their descendants?

Helping Girls Find Authentic Success And Happiness  January 30, 2013
The Myth of the Perfect Girl

What is today’s fast-paced achievement culture doing to girls?

Science, Philosophy, And Meaningful Lives  January 29, 2013
Answers for Aristotle

Where is the common ground between centuries of human philosophical scholarship and modern scientific pursuit?

Shaping The Modern Self  January 29, 2013
Encountering America

How did ideas about self-expression and realizing one’s own potential become part of our cultural fabric?

Hallucinations  January 28, 2013

Why do we sometimes see something that may not truly be there?

Exploring The Natural Approach To Life  January 28, 2013
All Natural

Is a more natural approach to life necessarily a better approach for happiness and health?

Lady Bird Johnson  January 24, 2013
Lady Bird Johnson

How did a shy young lady from rural Texas manage the transition to First Lady of the United States during one of the 20th Century’s most tumultuous decades?

An Observant Walk  January 24, 2013
On Looking

How much do you notice when you’re out and about and how much are you missing?

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