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Everyday Creativity  January 10, 2013
Montmartre Steps © Leonard Volk

How important is the role of creativity and artistic endeavor in each of our lives?

Embracing A Primal Emotion  January 10, 2013
Jaimal Yogis

How does fear impact the decisions we make and is it possible to overcome our fears and achieve our biggest dreams?

Origins Of The Digital Universe  January 9, 2013
Turing's Cathedral

Computers are ubiquitous today, but when and where was the digital age born?

Viewing Our World Through Maps  January 9, 2013
On The Map

How do maps influence and even alter our perceptions of the world and each other?

The Abolitionists  January 8, 2013

Why did some Americans risk their lives working to end slavery when so many others didn’t?

How 1965 Transformed America  January 8, 2013
The Eve of Destruction

When did the American Dream begin to sour into social discord and political tumult?

Re-Defining the Opera Experience in Fort Worth  January 7, 2013
James Bobick in Dog Days by composer David T. Little and librettist Royce Vavrek.  Photo courtesy: Peak Performances at Montclair State University

How are performing arts organizations appealing to new and changing audiences and what’s in store at the Fort Worth Opera?

Is Your Food Fooling You?  January 7, 2013
Your Food Is Fooling You

What does junk food do to our bodies and our brains?

Bob Balaban’s Creature From the Seventh Grade  January 3, 2013

What makes a character work on the page or on the screen and just how important are those traumatic pre-teen years to a writer and actor’s later creativity?

Family, France, and the Meaning of Food  January 2, 2013

There’s no doubt that food has a nutritious value, but what do our food choices say about us and what does food represent in our lives?

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