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Hale Woodruff’s Murals at Talladega College  October 9, 2012
The Mutiny on the Amistad, 1939 TALLADEGA COLLEGE/HIGH MUSEUM OF ART

How are murals painted at a small historically African-American Alabama college during the 1930s still resonating today?

What Makes Killing Wrong? And Why It Matters.  October 8, 2012
Walter Sinnott-Armstrong

If killing is wrong, what makes vital organ transplantation – as it is currently practiced – compatible with morality?

A Completed Dallas Arts District  October 8, 2012
Image Courtesy Wikipedia

The Dallas Arts District buildings are finished, but what’s still needed to make the area a complete neighborhood for artists and patrons in the heart of the city?

The Obama White House and the Supreme Court  October 4, 2012
Jeffrey Toobin

How have personality and politics influenced President Obama’s relationship with the U.S. Supreme Court and what could the future hold if he is reelected in November?

The Moral Limits of Markets  October 4, 2012
Michael Sandel

Is our market economy shifting to a “market society” where nearly everything can be bought and sold and how might such a shift affect our concepts of morality, responsibility, and citizenship?

Struggling for Freedom in South Africa  October 3, 2012
After Mandela

What are the greatest accomplishments and advances that South Africa has achieved in the twenty-plus years since Nelson Mandela become president and what challenges does the country still face?

A Trip to the State Fair of Texas Auto Show  October 3, 2012
SFT Auto Show

How is the auto industry changing for 2013 and which new designs and models are hot at this year’s State Fair of Texas Auto Show?

Coco Chanel’s Secret War  October 2, 2012
Hal Vaughan

Exactly what were the Nazi affiliations of a famous French fashion designer during Germany’s World War II occupation of France?

On Saudi Arabia  October 2, 2012
On Saudi Arabia

What is life like for the citizens of Saudi Arabia and how is the kingdom reacting to the revolutions sweeping neighboring countries?

Elephants at Risk  October 1, 2012
© Brent Stirton, Reportage by Getty Images/National Geographic

Why were more than 25,000 elephants slaughtered last year? We’ll find out this hour.

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