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When America First Met China  September 27, 2012
When America First Met China

U.S. – China relations and the economic and political competition between our countries is always in the news. But what were our earliest relations like with China?

Navigating the Ethics of Everything  September 26, 2012
Be Good How to Navigate the Ethics of Everything

What constitutes ethical behavior in a 21st Century world?

Food and Cooking in DFW  September 26, 2012
Edible Dallas & Fort Worth The Cookbook

What makes Dallas Fort Worth a budding food scene and what are some of your favorite recipes, ingredients, and new-food trends?

The Onset of the Civil War  September 25, 2012
We Have the War Upon Us

What were the circumstances that led to the U.S. Civil War and how did the White House, Congress and Union statesmen try and ultimately fail to avoid the war?

How the Women of Newsweek Sued their Bosses and Changed the Workplace  September 25, 2012

How did women change the field of journalism and the professional world of work forever, and what still hasn’t changed?

Access to Women’s Health Care  September 24, 2012
Sandra Fluke

How important is healthcare for women to the welfare of the nation? We’ll spend this hour with women’s health advocate Sandra Fluke.

The Unseen People Who Make Our Country Work  September 24, 2012
Photo by Scott Goldsmith 2012

Who really makes our country work? We’ll meet several of America’s real workers this hour.

The Secret Science of Winning Campaigns  September 20, 2012
The Victory lab

What new rules are in play for the 2012 election campaigns?

Twenty-Five Years Among the Poorest Children in America  September 20, 2012
Fire in the Ashes

What happens to children born into the poorest communities of America once they come of age?

Life after Death Row  September 19, 2012
Life After Death

What is required to maintain sanity and self-control while incarcerated for a crime you insist you didn’t commit?

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