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Exercise Better, Train Smarter, and Live Longer  July 30, 2012
The First 20 Minutes

How can you maximize the positive effects that exercise and diet can have on your health?

Richard Brookhiser’s James Madison  July 30, 2012

How did a “Father of the Constitution” also play a pivotal role in creating the American system of politics?

Life in a War Zone  July 26, 2012

We often hear reports about the conditions our soldiers face in Afghanistan, but what is life like for Afghan civilians, many of whom have never known a life without war?

The Beauty Business  July 26, 2012
Virginia Sole-Smith

What’s it really like to be a Mary Kay cosmetics consultant?

The Connected Generation  July 25, 2012
Jack Myers

How might today’s young adults change the world as they come of age and begin to take positions of influence and responsibility in society?

A Story of War and the Life That Follows  July 25, 2012
Brian Castner

How do the lingering stresses of combat, continuous bomb blasts, and the uncertainty of life in a war zone impact a soldier’s life once the fighting is finally over?

Seeing Things with Tony Cragg  July 24, 2012

How is an artist’s view of the world represented by their work and what is necessary to make the leap to the physical form of an artwork?

An African Business Venture and Adventure  July 24, 2012
bright lights no city

How hard is it to start a business in a still-developing country?

The War Within the War for Afghanistan  July 23, 2012
Rajiv Chandrasekaran

How does our country’s nearly eleven-year war in Afghanistan compare to the first time America was involved in the region over 30 years ago?

Barack Obama  July 23, 2012
Barack Obama The Story

What personality and character traits lead a person to run for the highest office in the land and how does the human persona of a president differ from the political persona?

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