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What Animals Can Teach Us About Health  June 25, 2012

Can doctors gain insight from studying how veterinarians interact with and treat their patients?

Lucian Freud  June 25, 2012
Lucian Freud Reflection (Self-portrait), 1985 Private Collection, Ireland © The Lucian Freud Archive Image copyright: Courtesy Lucian Freud Archive

How does a great artist’s portraiture change over their lifetime and how does their artistic evolvement reflect the changes in their lives?

The Life and Times of America’s Banana King  June 21, 2012
The Fish That Ate the Whale

Who was Samuel Zemurray and how did he rise from his penniless immigrant beginnings to a life of riches and power beyond most of the world’s imagination?

Coping with Media Overload  June 21, 2012

Can the ubiquity of all-the-time, everywhere media coverage be avoided and how can we regain control of our media diet?

A Cultural History of the Athlete  June 20, 2012
Something Like the Gods

What’s behind the human fascination with athletic ability?

Enchantment, Terror and Deliverance in the City of Love  June 20, 2012
Season of the Witch

How did the rapidly-changing San Francisco of the 1960s and 1970s reflect the turmoil of America at large and influence today’s continuously-evolving society?

Hotels, Hospitals, and Jails  June 19, 2012
Hotels, Hospitals, and Jails

How does a war veteran and author come to terms with his success and his fragmented and dysfunctional family?

Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs  June 19, 2012
Why Good People Can't Get Jobs

If millions of Americans are unemployed, why do many companies claim to be unable to find qualified applicants for the positions they do have available?

The Global Battle for Democracy  June 18, 2012
The Dictator's Learning Curve

How does 21st Century totalitarianism differ from the authoritarian rule of old?

The Importance of Completing College  June 18, 2012
Vincent Tinto

What can be done to help keep students in college and help them successfully complete their educations?

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