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Visions of a Cashless Society  April 2, 2012

What does the future hold for paper money and coins? Is a cashless society in our future?

The Life and Music of James Brown  March 29, 2012

Who was James Brown before he became the “Godfather of Soul” and the “hardest working man in show business?”

Stories from the Front Lines of China’s Great Urban Migration  March 29, 2012

What motivates over 200 million people to move to China’s cities each year and who are the individuals behind this staggering annual internal Chinese migration?

A History of the FBI  March 28, 2012

What is the primary role of the Federal Bureau of Investigation today and how did the FBI evolve from America’s gang-busters to the most formidable intelligence-gathering force in history?

Encounters at the World’s Cultural Frontiers  March 28, 2012
Ragged Edge

Where does the modern world meet and often clash with traditional human and wilderness societies and what does the future hold for the people who live in those places?

From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail  March 27, 2012
Cheryl Strayed

What are the benefits of simply taking a hike? What about when the hike lasts for months and extends for hundreds and hundreds of miles?

The Historical Argument for Jesus  March 27, 2012

How do we know that Jesus actually existed and how might the historical Jesus differ from the figure venerated by mainstream Christianity?

The American Evangelical Relationship with God  March 26, 2012

How and why do evangelicals have a different experience of God than other religious groups?

The Limits of Liberty in Modern America  March 26, 2012
David Shipler

Are the freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution under threat and what is placing our liberty in jeopardy?

Artistic Engagement and Underserved Neighborhoods  March 22, 2012

How can artistic practice and cultural engagement empower underserved neighborhoods?

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