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Queen of America  January 23, 2012

What happens when a woman flees her homeland for the perceived safety of America, only to be pursued relentlessly across her new country?

Strategies for the Married and the Coupled Up  January 19, 2012
marriage rules

Every relationship takes work right?

A Modern Retelling of Greek and Roman Myths  January 19, 2012

How was modern Western culture shaped by classical mythology and are the myths we learned in school still relevant today?

Understanding How Context Transforms Your World  January 18, 2012

Can everyday circumstance influence or even determine how we think, behave, and respond to each other?

Inside America’s War in Afghanistan  January 18, 2012

How did General Stanley McChrystal lose his job running the U.S. war in Afghanistan and what are our military leaders really doing behind the closed doors of power?

Ahmad Chalabi and Iraq  January 17, 2012

Did one man shape U.S. policy in Iraq and entice our country into a disastrous war of intervention?

Mexico Today and Tomorrow  January 17, 2012

With thousands dead in the country’s drug war, Mexico is going through seriously tough times. But why is the country facing these challenges and what should the U.S. be doing to help its southern neighbor?

The Infinity Puzzle  January 12, 2012
Infinity Puzzle

What do the first hints of the Higgs boson, which were announced last month at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, mean for the study of physics?

Money, Politics, and Corruption  January 12, 2012

Hour 1:           Is there any practical way to mitigate the influence of money on American politics? We’ll talk this hour with Lawrence Lessig, director of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University and author of the new …

War in the Shadows of the City of Light  January 11, 2012
Lisbon cover

How did Portugal manage to survive World War II virtually unscathed and what was the wartime climate like in its capital city?

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