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Getting Kids Unstuck  January 2, 2012
Ron Clark

What’s the best way to revitalize classrooms and challenge and inspire students to be successful?

The Mystery of a Mother’s Suicide  December 29, 2011

How does someone cope with the loss of a parent and how does a parent’s suicide reverberate through a child’s life?

Wonders of the Universe  December 29, 2011
brian cox

What’s really out there and where can we find the answers to the most perplexing questions about ourselves and the space-time continuum we inhabit?

Coping with Media Overload  December 28, 2011

Can the ubiquity of all-the-time, everywhere media coverage be avoided and how can we regain control of our media diet?

Saving Native American Languages  December 28, 2011
Cherokee Stop

What is lost when a language “dies”?

Empathy and the Origins of Cruelty  December 27, 2011
Science of Evil

How important is our brain’s empathy circuit and what happens to society when it doesn’t work properly?

The Fascinating Feather  December 27, 2011

How did feathers evolve and why are they so fascinating and valuable to humans?

Passages in Caregiving  December 26, 2011
Gail Sheehy

What do we really need to know to be responsible caregivers for loved ones and friends?

The Psychopath Test  December 26, 2011

How do you know if someone is disturbed? Could they be a psychopath?

Americans in Paris  December 22, 2011
David McCullough

Why did many Americans choose to travel to Paris between 1830 and 1900 and how did their experiences there influence life back home in the States?

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