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Wichita Falls KERA TV Transmission

KERA is transitioning from an analog to digital TV signal for the Wichita Falls area. Starting Thursday, February 8, KERA TV will be off air while our transmission site is being rebuilt. This outage only applies to over-the-air viewers in the immediate Wichita Falls area. Cable and satellite TV subscribers should not experience service interruptions.

At this time, we cannot say precisely when the transition project will be complete. We will be completely rebuilding our transmission site in Wichita Falls, which could take a few days. Updates on this project will be posted to this page.

What will the transition mean for my TV viewing?

This transition will significantly improve the viewing experience in the area. Once the transition is complete, Wichita Falls viewers will be able to enjoy primary KERA TV programming in HD, use of the electronic program guide and interoperability with common consumer video products such as over-the-air DVR. Viewers also will be able to receive our KERA Kids 24/7 (13.2) and KERA Create (13.3) channels.

Be advised that, once the transition is complete, viewers will need to rescan their televisions to receive our new television transmission.