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The Real King of Rock and Roll

Hour 1: Who was the real originator of rock and roll and why have his many contributions gone largely unnoticed until now? We’ll talk this hour with Texas Monthly Senior Editor Michael Hall, who looks back at the life of rock pioneer Bill Haley in his piece “Falling Comet” which appears in the current issue of the magazine.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations to Michael Hall for this riveting read and a great piece of enterprising journalism. There was much to learn from the article about Haley’s life after stardom.

    Bill Haley was one of the underrated pioneers of rock. In 1954, he broke out with the recording of “Rock Around the Clock.” Originally recorded by novelty group Sonny Dae and the Knights, the song went nowhere. Rockaeology at tells the story of how Haley’s version became a huge international hit, with eight weeks at number one. The song busted out after its use under the opening credits of the film “Blackboard Jungle.” The song was chosen by director Richard Brooks from the record collection of a music-crazy fifth-grader who loved Bill Haley’s sound… star Glenn Ford’s son Peter.

  • Mateo

    I read the article.  Looking forward to the audio.  Long live Bill Haley!

  • Steve Goddard

    Appreciate you posting the program.  I’m a big Bill Haley fan from the mid 50′s – wore out several copies of Rock Around The Clock, including a couple of 78′s.  My first rock and roll album was ‘Rockin’ The Oldies, and even after 43 years in broadcasting, one of my biggest thrills was meeting Franny Beecher here in Phoenix a couple of years ago.  Very sorry Bill didn’t reralize the positive impact his music made.  Steve Goddard

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