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One Crisis Away: Fort Worth Man Drowning In Old Debt Works To Catch Up On Child Support

Most people are working to pay down something. A mortgage, a credit card balance, a car note. There’s another kind of debt too—accounts that have fallen behind. They’re called delinquencies; they can wreck a credit score and stick around for years. KERA's series One Crisis Away: Drowning In Debt has the story of one man working to get out from under a mountain of missed child support payments.

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The Choice 2016

This hour, we’ll hear what those closest to the candidates have to say about them from Michael Kirk. His Frontline documentary “The Choice 2016” airs tonight on KERA-TV.

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Victoria’s reign to continue as second series commissioned

Much like had been the case for the last several years of Downton Abbey, a new series of Victoria has been commissioned before the conclusion of series one. Even better news for American audiences on PBS as they are now armed with the knowledge that the series will continue before the first episode ever airs. Victoria premieres on […]