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The Rights of Victims

Hour 1: Who gives a voice to the victims of violent crime? We’ll talk this hour with Jeff Dion, Director of the National Crime Victim Bar Association about what still needs to be done to guarantee that victims see justice in the criminal law system.

  • Paynekllr

    Comments on your show last night with jeff. He needs to get a clue about fathers that  are victims of the courts. Until he has walked in my shoes going from a substantial salary to a minimum paying job and the courts are requiring me to make payments that are based off, not what i make but my past earning”potential,” What a joke. Now being threatened with jail time because i am behind 15000 and have child support payments over a thousand a month. Only earning 1200.00 gross and fifty percent of that goes to cover rearages leaving only 600 a month to live on. If they send me to jail take my car or my license then that leaves me with no job no car to go to work and a felony conviction on my record wich would leave me with no potential to even get a job if i did get out of jail. Tell me jeff how does that benefit anyone especailly my daughter. Courts and legal system are so screwed up they are creating their own problems.

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