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A School Food Revolution

Hour 1: What can parents do to help schools provide healthy lunches for students and to foster healthy food attitudes in the minds of their kids? We’ll talk this hour with producer and director Amy Kalafa, who’s new book is “Lunch Wars: How to Start a School Food Revolution and Win the Battle for Our Children’s Health” (Tarcher Penguin, 2011).

  • Linda Tucker

    Do we really need to provide school lunches? As a child, I lived in England and at the school I attended, they provided only milk from a local dairy and each child was required to bring a sack lunch. 

    I make my daughters lunch everyday. I have allowed her to try a school lunch when she wanted but we both have agreed that the school lunches don’t taste good and are not good for her.  We pack her lunch together and we shop for her lunch supplies together.  I talk to her about nutrition and so I feel that I am taking care that for her.  How much money could we save if we required parents to provide their own child’s lunch.  Maybe we could afford to lay off a few less teacher’s.

    Linda Tucker
    Denton Texas

  • Abotting213

    I listened to the broadcast and was very impressed. This opened my eyes to many items of discussion apparently needing action. I will learn more about these issues. My daughter is attending high school and has only touched on some things within school lunch administration that displease her. A. Botting, The Colony, TX

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