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Revelations from the Weird World of Mushrooms

Hour 1: What can we learn from fungi and what influential and largely unknown roles do they play in our lives? We’ll talk this hour with food writer and journalist Eugenia Bone, whose new book is “Mycophilia: Revelations from the Weird World of Mushrooms” (Rodale Books, 2011)

  • Margamele

    North Italy was hit by the Cernobyl cloud. My mother went mushroom hunting few months afterwards and took the mushroom to be examined at the city health place and she was told that they were loaded with radioactivity. Does this sound rationale that mushroom incorporate heavy molecules?

  • Jana Boss

    I highly recommend joining a mushroom hunting club as one of the biggest stress relievers you can have as a hobby.   I became enamored with it about 15 years ago when I read the book by Edaterina Gordeeva, in which she talks about her mushroom hobbies.  At the time I lived in Connecticut but find it is much more difficult here!

  • Deborah

    My son called me today to tell me about this program detailing mushrooms and the brain.  I am especially interested in the part of the brain that is reserved for God.  How exciting; I must learn more.  Deb Burton Dallas, TX

  • Heidi Patterson

    There is an instant coffe on the market that claimes to have rejuvenating properties in it from a chinese mushroom. Is it a sham or can it be true. I forgot the name of the mushroom they claim is being used.

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