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Robotics and Education

Hour 1: How important will robots be in the future and how is robotics education changing the field? We’ll spend this hour with Nicholas Gans, assistant professor of electrical engineering and Ken Berry, director of the Science and Engineering Education Center at the University of Texas at Dallas. The university will hold a robotics competition this week.

  • SAIL Robotics

    Our Team – SAIL Homeschool Robotics (ISC company) is competing this weekend. We are super excited. This is a highlight of our year.

  • SAIL Robotics

    Sail Homeschool Robotics Team is gearing up for our 5th year in the competition. Look for our ISC company we formed for the competition. Also give a shout out to all the BEST Robotics people who are hard at work this week te get everything ready. Our team is looking forward to this.

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