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Thomas Frank

Do billionaire backers pick America's candidates?

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Hour 1:           As the presidential primary race transitions into the general election season, how will Super PACs continue to influence the campaigns? We’ll talk this hour with Thomas Frank, columnist and contributing editor at Harper’s Magazine. His essay, “It’s a Rich Man’s World: How billionaire backers pick America’s candidates” appears in the current issue of Harper’s Magazine.

  • M Khan

    Let’s get the facts straight. The author is making a mistake
    in mentioning that we are privatizing the government.  A “private government” will not be based on the
    taxes it collects – which our government does.  The lobbyists are there to get their hands in the
    cookie jar to loot the tax payers’ treasury.   Then use
    the same looted money to bribe our elected officials with their election campaigns to benefit lobbyist’s billionaire clients.