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In Praise of the 10,000-mile Diet

Hour 2:           Could eating locally-produced food actually be worse for the environment, the economy, and our health? We’ll talk this hour with Pierre Desrochers, associate professor of geography at the University of Toronto and co-author of “The Locavore’s Dilemma: In Praise of the 10,000-mile Diet” (PublicAffairs, 2012).

  • James A Morris

    I think that where people are horrified of “factory farming” is with the jamming of thousands of animals into space that would normally only hold 10′s or 20′s and the use of prescription drugs to keep them alive and from beig sick.  I do not think that there is any doube that there are economies of scalle that make the CAFO model attractive.  It is just the horror that is the animal’s life and don’t we owe them more?

  • Bandman01

    Not sure I’m a believer with this one….

  • James A Morris

    I think that there are valid points on both sides.  But I feel more like eating a bunch of tomatoes that were grown together than a bunch of chickens filled with antibiotics,stacked over each other in their own excrement.

  • Sam

    This is a fascinating interview and brings up many valid points that I have never considered before. I am going to Amazon to buy the book.

  • Bob

    Where on earth do you get the idea, Mr Morris, that the chickens we eat are “stacked over each other in their own excrement”? Broiler chickens are not grown in cages, but on the open floor. Check it out.

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