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Recovering from Moral Injury after War

Hour 1:           What can be done to help combat veterans recover from moral injury, including potential feelings of shame, grief, meaninglessness, and remorse? We’ll spend this hour with Rita Nakashima Brock, co-author of “Soul Repair: Recovering from Moral Injury after War” (Beacon Press, 2012) and co-director of the Brite Divinity School’s new Soul Repair Center at TCU. We’ll also be joined by Chaplain (Col.) Herman Keizer, Jr. U.S. Army (ret.), founding co-director of the Soul Repair Center which opens on November 12th.

  • Coleman A. Baker

    You can attend the public launch of Brite Divinity School’s Soul Repair Center this Monday, November 12. Registration is required. Information at

  • Sondra Stalcup

    Thank you and your guests for this significant discussion of the facts and challenges of moral injury and reovering from it. Very informative program. We are fortunate to have the Soul Repair Center in north Texas thanks to Brite Divinity at TCU. Look forward to updates about this important resource for service members and veterans of war.

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