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A Future With Millennials At The Helm

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Hour 1:           What contribution will the Millennial Generation ultimately make to our society? We’ll talk this hour with David Burstein, founder and executive director of the youth voter engagement organization Generation18. His new book is “Fast Future: How the Millennial Generation Is Shaping Our World” (Beacon Press, 2013).

  • Christopher_Graves

    Mr. Burstein presents a bleak view of our future in which there is no sense of place, fewer and less intense face-to-face personal relationships, quick superficial reactions to events and issues with no time to reflect, diminishing the “us-against-them” social and political dynamic that bonds particular people together and gives them a sense of purpose, all ending with a whimper as our Western lineage dies off within a hundred years as people look for narcissistic fulfillment and significance in the immediate present.