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Your Tax Money’s Final Destination

Hour 1: Are you wondering where your hard-earned tax dollars are actually going this year? We’ll find out this hour with Mattea Kramer, senior research analyst for the National Priorities Project which explains the federal budget process with the goal of making budgetary information accessible to everyone.

  • Samuel Tyuluman

    Does the IRS produce a search warrent during a random tax audit?

  • Anonymous

    People can spend as much as they want on education – which is not true for defense or inter-state commerce. People could save for their retirement and healthcare on their own, pre-tax, and then join Co-Operatives for purchasing power and administrative distribution. The Government law-making often prevents initiative (e.g. such Cooperatives) because those already “in-power” of who “control the market” do not want others to share their marketplace. Starting a Savings&Loan, Bank, or Insurance firm is nearly impossible under contemporary law.

  • Darold Smith

    With regard to the statement that legislators listen to their constituents.

    In certain areas where house representatives have a “lock” on their districts, particularly in heavily gerrymandered states, they listen to inputs that are not consistent with their agendas is like water rolling off a duck’s back.

    Our representative seldom ever even acknowledges our inputs, much less them having any effect on the way he votes. In the last election, his only opponent in the primary was an even more far out position (proud of his ALEC support) than the current congressman and there was no Democratic candidate.

    The same for both our Texas senators. Cornyn at least sends back a canned reply that says he appreciates our concerns along with vague platitudes about the issue and that he will seriously consider our inputs if and when the issue comes to a vote. Occasionally he will step on a limb and express his personal views and that is the way he will vote.

    Cruz is even worse. He is finally acknowledging receiving our contact but so far there has not been a specific response or any indication that anyone has determined the nature of or even read our input.

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