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The Magic Of Language

Hour 2:          How do words and their meanings color our experience with possibility and how does our changing language keep us learning? We’ll spend this hour with Grant Barrett and Martha Barnette, hosts of the popular public radio show “A Way With Words.” The pair appears at the Lakewood Theater Thursday evening to benefit the Aberg Center for Literacy.

  • Steven H. Maines

    Early post here: My dad *always* used the phrase “You ain’t a wolfin’”. I assumed that meant…”you are not telling a lie”. This phrase is only one of the many colorful “Dad” utternances that could be used on broadcast radio.<<<

  • Joe Young

    This was a great evening…those who didn’t/couldn’t make it missed a very enjoyable evening. Huge pat on the back for Aberg and those responsible for putting this together for us nerds..

  • Aberg Center

    Thanks, Joe. We are glad you had a great time! We did too! Martha and Grant are the bee’s knees, right?

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