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Sweetening The Deal

Hour 2:        Incentives are useful tools for everyone from parents to business leaders. But are some incentives more effective than others? We’ll explore the question this hour with John List, co-author of The Why Axis: Hidden Motives and the Undiscovered Economics of Everyday Life (PublicAffairs, 2013).


  • abcx4zs

    Caught a few minutes of the show at lunch hour. Very surprised to hear the author describing the Indian tribe where women were the “bosses” and men being the subordinates as, in his word, “bizarre”. May be this is why we are at where we are as a society. Did he even realize what he said? (Shaking my head in disbelief.) Subconsciousness can be scary oftentimes.

  • jen

    You interpreted exactly opposite of what I did–he was just saying it was like Seinfeld’s ‘bizarro episode’, which I loved as a Seinfeld fan. He was spot on with his analogy; he never made value judgments which you seem to be making.

  • jen

    I interpreted his words differently–that there was a society that is opposite ours, and as an analogy he used Seinfeld’s ‘bizarro world’ episode. I have read the book, which is excellent, and it is pretty clear that he is trying to tear down walls for us.

  • Mary

    He actually referred to this society as “bizarro” – a reference to a Seinfeld episode where the word bizarro is used to mean the opposite of the norm or something else being compared to it. The author even said that he was referencing Seinfeld. Worth another listen.

  • george

    Krys, great show! I loved the professor telling us about the various ways people behave. I hope to hear more about this stuff.

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