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A 50-Year Flashback

Think No Comments on A 50-Year Flashback 79

Hour 1:         Fifty years ago, the Beatles came to America, Barry Goldwater squared off against Lyndon Johnson and Cassius Clay announced that from now on we should call him Muhammad Ali. The new American Experience documentary 1964 examines that watershed year, and we’ll talk this hour to its writer and director, Stephen Ives.]

  • Christopher_Graves

    I watched the documentary last night and found it very informative as it
    captured the Spirit of the Times ( I was a child in the 60’s and
    remember 1964 very well including the Beatles appearance on Ed
    Sullivan). I appreciated including the upsurge of the American
    conservative movement spear-headed by Barry Goldwater. I found the
    entire program to be very fair and accurate.

    I will say that
    times have changed as far as the “Free Speech Movement” on American
    college campuses. As the New Left has captured or heavily influenced
    most college campuses in the U.S. today, speech that challenges the
    pre-suppositions of the Left is brazenly censored. Discussing topics
    even remotely related to calling equality of result into question evoke
    wild reactions from the powers that be on campus. Politically Correct
    speech codes are consistently held to be unconstitutional by courts
    whose rulings are then regularly ignored by universities. There are
    exceptions by some on the Left such as the late Mike Arons at the
    University of West Georgia who supported free speech for everyone or Nat
    Hentoff at the Village Voice (not an academic but a man of the Left who
    supports free speech). Left-liberal Larry Summers is one of many who
    has discovered this intolerance on campus.